Entrepreneurs and startup (Idea Stage)

Join PhilaWaju to achieve your entrepreneurial dream! We use a rigorous process to select entrepreneurs and startups.
Those retained go through our incubation process towards their growth journey!

Life Cycle

entrepreneurs - Startups

Idea Stage

At PhilaWaju, we have a proven process to select entrepreneurs and startups. We look for entrepreneurs that demonstrate a passion for business and a commitment to providing a unique service or product to meet customers’ needs. Those selected will be put through an incubation process to fully flesh out their business ideas.


After completing an intake questionnaire and an interview with PhilaWaju's principals, those entrepreneurs that demonstrate the desired characteristics are selected for the program.

Incubation Cycle

Once accepted into the program, entrepreneurs & startups are taken through a rigorous incubation cycle which includes training and mentoring by seasoned executives.

Business Establishment

PhilaWaju will assist the Entrepreneurs that have successfully completed the incubation program to establish their business entity, grow their customer base and gain access to funding.

Technical Assistance

PhilaWaju provides continued technical assistance to enrolled entrepreneurs & startups.

Service Offering


  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Idea validation
  • Business Plan
  • Business incorporation

Growth Enablement

  • Management and mentoring
  • Access to market resources
  • Networking opportunities
  • Business skills training

Technical Assistance

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Management and Technology
  • Investment
  • Advisory Services