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How Does it Work?

We provide training, mentoring, access to funding and technical assistance to the under represented minority communities closing the gaps around education, use of technology and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur & Startups (Idea Stage)

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with business ideas? Have a look at our amazing programs designed for you. Read more

Established Businesses (Growth Stage)

Are you a startup or have you been running a successful business for a couple of years and now thinking of the next step? Read more
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Idea Stage

At PhilaWaju, we have a proven process to select entrepreneurs and startups. We look for entrepreneurs that demonstrate a passion for business and a commitment to providing a unique service or product to meet customers’ needs. Those selected will be put through an incubation process to fully flesh out their business ideas.


After completing an intake questionnaire and an interview with PhilaWaju's principals, those entrepreneurs that demonstrate the desired characteristics are selected for the program.

Incubation Cycle

Once accepted into the program, entrepreneurs & startups are taken through a rigorous incubation cycle which includes training and mentoring by seasoned executives.

Business Establishment

PhilaWaju will assist the Entrepreneurs that have successfully completed the incubation program to establish their business entity, grow their customer base and gain access to funding.

Technical Assistance

PhilaWaju provides continued technical assistance to enrolled entrepreneurs & startups.
Established Businesses

Growth Stage

We provide access to resources and advisory services that enable established businesses to grow and compete globally. To join the program, businesses need to complete a SWOT analysis that focuses on Management, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Competition, Technology and Investment. The goal is to get a better understanding of existing opportunities for improvement to enable growth and success.


PhilaWaju uses a very rigorous process to select the most qualified Businesses. After completing a SWOT analysis, businesses & are selected through a rigorous and competitive process.


Selected Businesses will be put through an acceleration process by working with mentors and seasoned business executives.


PhilaWaju will provide access to services and resources that enable businesses to improve their operational efficiency, competitiveness and grow.

Technical Assistance

PhilaWaju provides access to resources and works with businesses on strategies that enable them to sustain thier growth and expand into new markets.

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